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In response to market demand, all MEI Automatic Slack Adjusters and Automatic Self Setting Slack Adjusters are fitted with grease nipples.

grease nipple

Periodic greasing will extend the life of the slack adjuster by helping to expel water and dirt. However, avoid over filling or the use of high pressure grease systems that might cause damage to gaskets and seals. MEI uses a Fuchs Renolt RHF-1 grease in assembly but standard chassis grease is suitable in the field. Whilst we fit grease nipples and recommend lubrication the units are effectively sealed.

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Please click on the relevant file below to look at the fitting and maintenance documents for MEI Slack Adjusters.

FileDescriptionOrderFile size
Download this file (FittingInstructions2.pdf)Fitting InstructionsASA Fitting Instructions 239 Kb
Download this file (US ASA fitting instructions.pdf)US Fitting InstructionsUS ASA Instructions 247 Kb
Download this file (Maintenance.pdf)ASA MaintenanceHow to Maintain Slack Adjusters 285 Kb
Download this file (Maintenance Instructions (Polish).pdf)Maintenance Instructions (Polish).pdfHow to Maintain the ASA 727 Kb
Download this file (Fitting Instructions (Polish).pdf)Fitting Instructions (Polish).pdfASA Fitting Instructions 1164 Kb
Download this file (ASA Answers (Polish).pdf)ASA Answers (Polish).pdfBest Practice for ASA 1251 Kb